The Laboratory of Morphology and Plant Taxonomy (MTV) at Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) started in May 2003. It was established by Prof Marccus Alves after the period he was involved with his PhD at the University of São Paulo. At the beginning, the facilities in the laboratory were focused mainly on Plant Anatomy research. Then, Prof. Alves gradually brought to the group his expertise in Floristic and Plant Systematic. Nowadays, the research is mainly focused on taxonomic studies of relevant plant groups from northeastern Brazil besides plant inventories in Atlantic Forest and Caatinga vegetation. The Team has an intense collaboration with several partners in Brazil and abroad.


Since the beginning, the MTV Team has built strong values for training human resources, planning and research. These have being crucial to its recognition at the national level as center of Plant Taxonomy with special attention to the northeastern Brazil.


Among the key attributes of the staff members is the intense search for partners that complement and exchange positively scientific skills. The list of partners includes foreign researchers working in the United States, England, Germany and Sweden. In Brazil, collaboration includes laboratories in the States of São Paulo (Institute of Botany, UNESP, and USP), Rio de Janeiro (The Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro), Paraíba (UFPB and UFCG), Bahia (UESB and UEFS), Amazonas (INPA), Sergipe (UFS) and Espírito Santo (UFES). In the State of Pernambuco, we have partners from other laboratories at UFPE and also from UFRPE, APNE and the Botanical Garden of Recife. One of the major partner of the research carried on by the MTV Team is the Herbarium UFP which holds around 80.000 samples which almost 20% of it came from field trips & gifts related to our members.


Such partnerships take also part in raising funds for research projects which are primarily funded by the Brazilian Agencies as CNPq, Capes, FACEPE, and O Boticario Foundation, and also the NSF and Beneficia Foundation from the USA.


On the last 15 years of intense activities, the major Professors Marccus Alves, Rafael Louzada and Benoit Loeuille have trained about 45 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students (Master and PhD candidates). The MTV Team is linked to the following Graduate Programs in Brazil: Plant Biology at UFPE (Recife, Pernambuco) and Genetics, Diversity & Conservation at UESB (Jequié, Bahia). The three Professors are supervising research projects on floristic inventories, and taxonomy & phylogeny of flowering plants.


The academic production published by the MTV Team goes through scientific papers, chapters and books, field guides, educational booklets, articles in local newspapers and & interviews to TV channels. At least 100 scientific papers and 20 Field Guides have been published on the last 15 years by the MTV Team. Three books are remarkable contribution of this Team to the Northeastern Flora, and they are: Flora de Mirandiba (2009), Flora de Sergipe volume 1 (2013) and Árvores e Arbustos da Usina Sao José (2013).