Systematics, morphology and floristics of angiosperms.


Graduated in Biology with a Master’s degree from the Museu Nacional (Brazil) in 1994 and a Doctorate degree from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) in 2003, both in Botany (taxonomy). During his studies, part of the research was made at Kew Gardens (England) and The New York Botanical Garden (USA).

Systematics of Asteraceae, Theory of Systematics, History and Philosophy of Science.


Graduated in Pharmacy from University of Lille II (France), a Master's degree from University of Jussieu (Paris VI) (France) in "Biodiversity: genetics, history and mecanisms of Evolution" in 2004 and a Doctorate degree in Botany from University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2011. My research focuses on Systematics of Asteraceae (especially Vernonieae, Heliantheae and Gnaphalieae tribes), Theory of Systematics (three-items analysis), History and Philosophy of Science (related to classification and homology, but also Teofrasto). My guiding principle is: what is said frequently matters less than what enables us to say it.


Aline Vieira de Melo

PhD candidate: Systematics of Piperaceae: Piper subgenus Ottonia

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PhD candidate: Systematics of Malvaceae: Waltheria

Systematics of Apocynaceae




PhD candidate: Systematics of Gentianaceae: Schultesia

Francione Gomes Silva

Systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of angiosperms


Graduated in Biology with Master’s degree from the Instituto de Botânica (Brazil) in Biodiversity of plants and Environment in 2008 and Doctorate degree from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) in Botany. During his study, part of the research was made at Institute Senckenberg (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).


PhD candidate: Systematics of Bromeliaceae: Cryptanthus


PhD candidate: Systematics of Olacaceae: Heisteria


PhD candidate: Systematics of Asteraceae: Piptolepis

Felipe Martins Guedes

PhD Candidate: Systematics of Lentibulariaceae



Gleison Soares de Oliveira

PhD candidate: Systematics and Biogeography of Asteraceae


PhD candidate: Taxonomy, Ecology and Biogeography of Cyperus L. s.l. (Cyperaceae)

Fábio Vitalino Santos Alves

MSc Candidate: Plant Biogeography

Josélia Oliveira Costa

MSc candidate: Systematics of Commelinaceae

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Francisca Maiara Batista Gomes

MSc candidate: Systematics of Lychnocephalus (Asteraceae)

Vítor Félix Franca Coelho Queiroz

Undergraduate: Systematics of Loganiaceae

Atamak Alves Pires Filho

Undergraduate: Systematics of Arecaceae

Camila Alcantara Pereira

Collaborating Researcher

Lucia Marín Pérez

Collaborating Researcher

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Karlson Florêncio Cândido Ferreira

Undergraduate: Systematics of Bromeliaceae

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Larissa Morais

Undergraduate: Floristics